Organising Your Office Team Building Events to Unite Your Workers

Published: 01st September 2010
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Gelling as a cohesive work team is not merely about maintaining good colleague relations with your co-workers - it is much more. It is to be expected that office colleagues will bicker from time to time, but ultimately they need to appreciate and respect each other. Respect is the key.

This is precisely why it is important to schedule team-building events into your company calendar so that your employees can be a shining example of a well-oiled office team. Developing stable staff relations is the key to a great office.

This article will lead you through great team building tips and if you give them a go for yourselves you will see how perhaps your office will see an improvement in the team dynamic as a result.

1) Explain clearly the purposes of team building exercises If staff aren't clear on why they need to participate in team building activities they may think you are conducting some sort of staff assessment or even restructuring. So ensure that they are aware of why you are drawing them together in order to improve the dynamic in the office. By telling them the objectives clearly they may even loosen up and get to know their co-workers better.

2) Team building is about having fun and removing colleagues from a stale work environment. Managers don't want their office employees to be scared of getting involved or be concerned about impressing you or out-performing other colleagues. You might have to remind them throughout the day that it is meant to be a fun an engaging day. Should you spot a colleague feeling uncomfortable and looking like they aren't having much fun chat to them about their concerns and gently encourage them to participate.

3) Regardless of the activity make sure everyone gets involved. Team building is not just for the big personalities in the office it is a day for the whole office, so don't let the quieter ones hide away! Pick inclusive games that get the entire office working together. It is important to make each and every staff member feel included or your employees will feel short-changed by the exercises offered.

4) Employ the services of a professional team building company to organise your day. There are specialist companies that arrange team-boosting activities, so you may want to let them plan the day and arrange the activities so you can concentrate on bringing your team together. But don't forget that even managers need to get involved, remember that you are part of the team too and you want to be personable and approachable around your workers.

5) Leave time for your staff to wrap up and reflect on the day. When you have wrapped up the day, gather your colleagues in a circle have them describe the highlights and let them respond to the objectives of the day. What did they see as the most effective part of the day? Who did they talk to? Did they learn anything about themselves over the course of the day? Are your staff aware of any new working dynamics as a result of the team building exercises? Do they have any suggestions for how the day could be improved upon?

So if your team is low on morale, perhaps because of a stressful office relocation then consider what a team building day could do for you. When my company decided to move to Battersea office space our team bonding really helped the company to come together and work better as a group. Why not try it?

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